My dream.

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↑ You can read two short stories.

I’d like to recommend this book to those who want to become Japanese teacher or are interested in intercultural communication.

This book’s the original plan was made by Nagiko Umino who works in Japan as Japanese teacher
and Hebizou changed this original plan to comic.
In this book, there are many students who came from foreign country and the author wrote about their unique question, viewpoint and daily life as kind of comedy.

After I read this, I thought again I want to be a Japanese teacher!
Ms. Nagiko is trying to teach Japanese to students.
Sometimes students ask her difficult questions but she try to find out these answers.
And Japanese teacher must know correct Japanese grammar, culture or everything about Japan because students are sure that teacher know everything about Japan !!
I knew it is so hard work but I want to be Japanese teacher like Ms. Nagiko.
So I’ll try to study to became Japanese teacher.

In addition I enjoyed this comic.
In this book there are a lot of intercultural communications.
I felt interest because I’ve never thought about Japanese culture like these students.
I’m interested in culture but so far I focused on foreign culture.
So I will learn and think again about Japanese culture from now on.
It will be helpful for me when I become Japanese teacher or go abroad.

If you are interested in these, you should read it !!


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Oh, that’s too bad…
Ah…, but it is ashamed for me but I want to visit your home!!
I’ll come to your home and let’s sing together ^□^
or going Karaoke!!

Yeah, it is interesting but sometimes I feel sleepy.
What should I do when I feel sleepy?
Do you have any solution for me?

1 comment June 8, 2009 kanae

What’s free.

May, 28. I went to theater to watch “GOEMON”

↑ Please look it!!

This movie’s back ground is the era of Edo
and main character is Goemon who is celebrated as thief.

In this movie I enjoyed their action and Japanese culture which were expressed by variety way.
But not only that.
I thought about “What’s free?”

I think free is not only I can act what I want.
I must think the other, my position and effect of my action.
And it is important that thinking precious person for me.
What’s is the best way for them?
It is sometimes helping
but sometimes I do not act for them is good thing for them.
So free acting is sometimes bad thing.

This movie taught me about it.

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Yeah!! Karate is so cool!!
Thank you for yore admireing me but I felt a little embarrassed ///
So then I’ll practice more and I’ll be suitable to your admireing.

I’m looking forward to talk with you on the skype!!
And I also don’t know about it so I’ll know well about it ♪

-Dear, Mr.D
I hope so.
So next Sunday I’ll go to Ehime for judgment for advancement my “obi.”
I want to do good performance and get advancement!!

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If you tweak your norse and try to say “ma”・・・.


In this term I’m taking classes about phonetics of Japanese.
Speaking concretely Tuesday’s second and third periods.

I’ve said already in this post’s title but I’ll say agein ^□^
Please tweak your noese and try to say “ma.”

Surprisingly you can’t say “ma” and you must hear you were saying “ba.”

It is mysterious, isn’t it?

In this classes I’m learning about why this occur and anything else.

There are a lot of interesting things like this.
I’m enjoying these so much ♪

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-Dear, Darren
Thank you for your recommendation !! I’ll rent this DVD♪
And I want to know your favourite movies so please tell me.

Please don’t warry about I’m getting tatoo, I will not get any tatoo maybe ^□^

Yeah, I can’t stand it too.
Really?! I want to know it!!
Please tell me about it as top-secret ^皿^

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I want to make my life like this.


I like “chibigyara” soooooooo much vV
I read this book first time when I was in Jr. high school.
I discovered it at conviniense store.

At the biginning of I looked it I thought “Its characters were so cute !!”
So I bought it and read it only for watching cute characters.

But after I read it I changed my opinion.

This book was not only enjoying illustrations.
It has many good motto with cute pictures.

When I am depressed, I read it and get a vigor!!

This books series has 7 title.
Now on sale !!^□^

Please read it !!

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By various voices.

I’d like to tell you about Fryday night.
I went to Kanaoke with my friends.

I sang a lot of song.
I enjoyed it!
I love to go to Karaoke so much ♪
And then I tryed to sing any western music.
I have sung any western music untill then.

This time I sang a song that “stuck.”
“stuck” is sing by Stacy Orrico.

I like Stacy Orrico.
Her song’s words give me some impressions.
At my room I sometimes croon.
So I think “I can sing it!!”

But, acutually I couldn’t sing well.

So I thought about because of it…
When I sing it, I could say this song’s word same timing.
I knew this song’s tune.

I thought about many reasons.

I noticed reason of it !!

I always speak English by my natural voice.
This mean that I can sing by a cute, low, or unusual voice!!

So then I wil speak English by unusual voice ^□^

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I want to get “Kuro Obi.”

I’m doing “Karate” at the club activity of Ashihara Karate.
I started it from last spring.
That mean I do only one year
but I’m enjoying so much ♪
And my skills are improving day by day ^□^

Almost people think “Karate” is so violence.
I also thoght it.
However this club is not so violence!!

↑ This is a kind of Karate that I do.

We do “Kumite” but we do it in a safty.
And then I want to say befor everything that club activity’s members are so nice!!
I like them so much.vV

From now on I’ll try to practice and be strong ^□^
In addition Karate is good for my losing my weight!!

If you have a interest in Karate, please come my club ♪

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Can’t go to “sentou” if you have it ・・・.

Not reason but I thought almost tatoos are back, sholder, or arms.
However I just remembered about my Jr. high school’s ALT, she had a tatoo on her hip.

After read ↑ it, my horizons are widly.
On the stomach’s tatoo will change the shape as you get fat!!
It’s so funny, isn’t it?
It said hip’statoo is also like stomach.
So, I care about ALT’s tatoo on her hip ^□^

And I think tatoo on the behind the ear is cool!!
It is sexy location.

I will not to have a tatoo but I’m interested in it ♪

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